Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 18th April 2019


The sun came out today, but since I was at the PR company I ended up wearing a blouse and skirt anyway. Ellie’s blouse was as see-through as anything I’d dare to wear, but she still wore tights so I guess she’s not as much of a free-spirit as I thought.

This afternoon I went to the other meeting, with Jo, and I actually said a bit more this time. Both because she let me, and I’d learned some things from Brian on Monday. I think they’re going to sign with us, and Jo said that would be my account too. Work is piling up! Apparently I’ll have to delegate some of it to Rachel. I guess I’m some kind of team leader now!

On the way back I suggested to Jo that we go and get some dinner, but she said she had something to get back to. Her voice was pretty flat so I’m not sure what it could have been and it made me sad that I couldn’t spend more time with her.

Ha has scheduled the Korean Massage for next Friday so hopefully that will perk her up, if nothing else does before then.

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