Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 2nd April 2019


I wore a clingy top with thin shoulder straps and a low scooping neckline to the start-up, and a pleated skirt and long socks, and I felt like I could have asked any of the men there for anything I wanted. It was warm on the train on the way home so I had my coat off and even managed to find a seat and the guy opposite kept looking up at me, so I did my best to get the shoulder strap to slip down my arm. The top was a bit too clingy to expose much else of me, but it was fun anyway.

Plus the clocks have changed now so it’s light much later. When I got home I had the urge to strip off and prance around the flat naked, at least until I needed to turn the light on. I know the people opposite were home but I don’t know how much they can see in. After a while I didn’t really care, and when it came to dusk I went to the window to draw the curtains and there was a guy walking past on his way home. He got an eyeful for a fraction of a second, and I ended up with a grin on my face!

Then I had a message e-mail from Jo with some links to really awful men on dating sights, and for some reason it just made me so horny. I think I ended up flirting with her a bit, via messenger, and telling her she’d be better off with a nice woman. Maybe I’d even dump Kieran for her. (I’m only joking.) But I stroked myself to a climax pretty quickly and had to stop typing for a minute.

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