As Long As I Have My Coat


Oh dear, Susan giggled. Well, it was just a bit of fun, wasn’t it? If she kept her coat buttoned, who would know what she had on beneath it? Or know that it was nothing except her bra? And knickers of course, she reminded herself. And besides, her cleavage did look good, and the coat would show just enough neck to hint at it.

She took another look in the mirror, as she stood there in her faded bra and knickers. It was decision time. Before she could change her mind she stuffed the old blouse and sweater into the bin in the corner of the changing room and took her coat off the rack. Okay, now just be careful, she said to herself as she buttoned the coat from top to bottom and tied the belt around her waist.

She looked in the mirror again. There were a few inches of calf visible below the hem of the coat, but this was still “nice” Susan looking back at her. What leg you could see looked good, but you couldn’t see the curve of the calf line, or the smoothness of the skin as it ran up to the knee. She bent down and undid a button, and then another. If she pushed her right leg forward the coat split to a couple of inches above the knee, but no more. It certainly showed no more than the skirt would do.

Read the rest of the story in Changing Rooms

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