Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 29th March 2019


I had the start-ups office party this evening, and I think I misjudged it slightly! I wore trousers and a top to work but took a dress in with me. It was one I hadn’t dared to wear for years, because it had tiny straps and there was no way to wear a bra underneath it (or maybe only a strapless bra, which is much less comfortable than no bra at all). And of course, that was the only thing I wore except a pair of black heels, and I felt pretty damn hot when I turned up.

So imagine how weird I felt when I saw a room full of men in suits and women in their casual work gear! I looked like I was going to the opera or something. The good thing was I got plenty of male attention, and quite a few jealous looks from the women, and was asked so many times who I was with and nobody could believe I was the accountant. I guess I destroyed a few stereotypes. Richard said something a bit creepy about how much they looked forward to seeing me every Tuesday to whip them into shape.

It was pretty cold by the time I got home and I had goose bumps all over my legs, which is not a good look. But I managed to give my business card out to a few people so I hope the dress is worth it!

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