Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 28th March 2019


I can’t seem to take my eyes of Ellie when I’m at the PR company. Today she was in a short jumper dress, tights and boots, and she kept on having to pull the dress down her legs as she was sitting in her chair. It was even shorter than the skirts I wear! And she’s prettier than me too.

When I got back to the office Jo was talking to Rachel and they seemed to be having a right old laugh and suddenly I felt insanely jealous. Then I remembered the dream where the two of them were going to get married and I wondered if I was such a bad person that I felt threatened by Rachel. I did say she reminded me of how I was a few years back. And she’s another one that’s prettier than me!

I texted Kieran when I got home because I wanted to feel like someone was paying attention to me but he seemed to be out, since he didn’t reply before I went to bed. All in all a pretty crap day!

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