Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 26th March 2019


I had the strangest (and most embarrassing) dream. I was at Jo’s place having dinner with Ha and Lily and… you guessed it, I was sitting there at the table completely naked. Jo put her hand on my thigh while we were talking and it made my skin tingle. And then there was a knock at the door and Rachel came in, and I was embarrassed about being naked but, of course, had nothing to wear at all. And as we stood around with wine glasses in our hands and I felt more and more silly Jo said she had an announcement to make and that her and Rachel were getting married! They kissed and I felt so jealous but had to smile anyway, but Ha said not to worry, she would look after me, and she put her hand on my breast and squeezed it and it turned me on so much I woke up. You can guess what happened next, before I went back to sleep.

I was still horny when I went to the start-up today, but I wanted Kieran to be the first one to see my new boots. But it was really warm and felt like proper Spring, so I ditched the boots for the first time for ages and wore little heeled shoes and socks and a skirt that felt quite short with bare legs, even though it wasn’t as short as some of the others I’d worn. And I had one of my new clingy tops and a coat. The boys liked it and kept staring at my legs all day, and I kept getting turned on when I remembered my dream and when I looked down my nipples were as clear as anything outlined in the top. I don’t think they got much work done, but I did get invited to their office party this Friday. I think I’ll go.

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