Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 25th March 2019


I got an e-mail from Jo this morning thanking me again. I said she didn’t need to, but I’m glad if it helped at all. She said she reckons she needs to get “back in the game” as quickly as possible so what dating sites did I recommend! I have no idea about that kind of thing but I asked Helen and she sent me a few, and then said: didn’t I have a boyfriend already? I said it wasn’t for me, but I didn’t tell her it was for Jo. I kind of feel like I have a secret that Jo’s trusted me with that I can’t just go sharing around.

Jo’s office door was open today so I popped in to talk about Rachel’s work and got roped into deciding whether she should swipe left or right on a whole load of men. I think she’s only in her late thirties but all the men who were looking for a woman of that ages looked really old. It was quite sad and none of them made the grade in my opinion. She made a joke about becoming a lesbian and off-hand I said something about Ha being the expert and her eyebrows shot off the top of her head. It hadn’t occurred to me that she hadn’t noticed! But then neither had I until I saw her kissing Lily. I said I’d caused enough trouble and had better leave and she said she’d mine me for more office gossip sometime.

I really like Jo. No man is good enough for her.

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