Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 10th March 2019


That was a night to remember! Kieran came around in the afternoon but I told him I was too busy for sex as there was cooking to do. It actually made it more fun when it finally happened because he’d had to wait for so long… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Ha and Lily turned up about six-thirty, both in nice evening dresses, and both with much slimmer figures than me that meant they looked stunning. I’m glad they’re gay or I’d worry about Kieran, even if he and Ha have been friends for years. Thankfully my slip kept him distracted enough, and Ha said something about it being a great choice and she hoped to see me wear it to work one day.

Dinner all went well anyway, and the wine was flowing and we were sat around in the main room with me on the sofa with Kieran, Ha in the armchair and Lily leant up against it at her feet. (She said she sat on the floor a lot.)

Anyway, Ha said something about being disappointed that I wasn’t naked because the only reason she’d accepted the invite was because Kieran had told her that I never wore clothes at home. I said I made an exception for house guests, but I have to admit the idea did make my skin tingle and I wondered how they’d react. But Ha wouldn’t let it go, and she said this dress didn’t hide anything anyway so she didn’t know why I bothered with it. I looked at Kieran and he didn’t say anything, but his tongue was almost hanging on the floor and I said “Fine, if it’ll keep you quiet,” and I had to stand up and do a full-on wriggle to get out of it. Ha said “It’ll keep me quiet for now” and gave me a wink, and I curled up back on the sofa in my underwear and Kieran put his hand on my leg.

It was great how much they three of them all kept staring at me. And it wasn’t like they could see any more than ten minutes before, because that slip thing didn’t hide much at all!

We talked a bit more and Kieran was stroking my leg, and then I remembered desserts… They were little chocolate pots so no effort, and when I brought them through on a tray with little spoons I saw two heads in the window from across the street staring at the woman in her underwear who was serving desserts to her friends! It was too late to close the curtains by then, but I wasn’t brave enough to wave at them.

Ha said she always wanted to be served dessert by a half-naked woman. Or preferably a fully naked woman, which made me blush again, just as I was getting used to being like that. But then she did something a bit mean (although I’m not unhappy that she did) because I made everyone coffee, and she came to help me carry things. When I came back with the tray wondering where to put everything, because the little coffee table was covered in clutter and dessert plates, she stood behind me and I felt her fingers on my back and before I could do anything about it she had my bra clasp undone and I had to either drop the tray or just watch the bra fall away from me!

Kieran’s eyes popped, and so did Lily’s, and Ha said something like “What? I’m just helping.” And I pretended it was fine and quickly sat down with my arms crossed and my nipples pressing into my skin, because the people across the road could still see in, and I was feeling as horny as hell with Kieran’s hand on my thigh. I could see the bulge in his trousers too, which made it even worse.

Then we talked for a bit, but of course at some point Ha said “So what about those?” and pointed at my black lace knickers. And I said something stupid and dug a bigger hold for myself with “I will if you will” and then realised how wrong that was, because she fidgeted in her seat, reached up and her dress and pulled these little lace panties down her legs, curled them up in her fist and gave them to Lily and then said “Your turn.”

I looked at Kieran and he just said “A promise is a promise” and I could tell he wanted nothing more than to see me embarrassed. So while I was still curled up, and with one hand at a time, I managed to tug the things down my thighs and tossed them over to where my bra was and said “There” as if it was fine that I was sitting there naked with my boyfriend, work colleague and her partner all still dressed.

Kieran stroked my thigh and I had to squeeze his hand to stop it because I was about ready to orgasm as it was, and Ha just said “We should have just started the evening like this.” And then after a second she said “Next time, then” and I basically had to squeeze my thighs together and concentrate not to climax right there and then.

It was funny because they couldn’t even see anything, since I was still curled up. Kieran could, a bit, but he’d seen it all before. (In fact, they all had, actually, but a Korean massage where everyone is naked is a bit different to being the only one. And in my own home too.)

I had to keep fortifying myself with wine, and my legs were going to sleep, but I daren’t move. But then Ha said they had to go, since it was nearly midnight and they needed to catch the train, and I realised I’d have to stand up.

Luckily the lights were out opposite so I don’t think the neighbours saw me, but I let Ha and Lily stand up and start to leave the room before following them. They didn’t even stare when they put their coats on and I stood naked in the hallway with Kieran behind me with his hand on my waist, and then Ha came and gave me a hug goodbye and her coat was rough against my nipples. Then Lily did the same and said she couldn’t wait to invite us back to their place.

The draught was cold when I let them out and as soon as they were gone I was wrapped around Kieran and the moment he touched me between my legs I had such an intense orgasm. Then I left the poor boy to suffer with his hard-on for half an hour as we cleared up, while I was still naked, before going to bed.

He had to leave early this morning to go and see his parents, and I stayed in bed and read and daydreamed about the night before, breaking into fits of giggles about how much fun it was to have a man and two women staring at my body. I’m not sure I’ll ever be brave enough to do it again.

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