Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 9th March 2019


I’ve tried putting yesterday out of my mind, because I need to be in my best frame of mind if I have guests around this evening! Yup: I’m inflicting my cooking skills on Ha and Lily, and even Kieran hasn’t seen much of them. I’m not doing anything complicated, of course, so I’ll make a salad and marinate some chicken this afternoon and then cook it when they come round. I’m quite excited now I think about it.

Also, since I’m not going out, I’ve pulled out this old, really sheer slip of a dress that I’m going to wear. It’s meant to be worn as a base layer beneath something else – just that I’m not going to put anything over it. I’m not feeling brave enough to wearing nothing beneath it so I’ve chosen some nice black underwear. It should drive Kieran wild for the night, I hope. I wouldn’t dare if it was anyone else, but Ha probably tells Lily all about me anyway, and we all know how much Ha already knows.

Wish me luck.

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