A New Experience For Christina

Naked woman being stripped by clothed woman

“My brother went through online dating,” Elaine said beside her, although Christina barely registered the words. She felt hands on the outside of her thighs, one on each side. She didn’t know whose they were but she let out a long sigh as they slid up her skin.

“Yeah,” Elaine continued, “The problem was, he was just looking for blonde bimbos.”

The hands on Christina’s hips hooked into the elastic of her knickers and pulled downwards. She felt the fabric sliding over her skin. She lifted her buttocks a little as they continued to pull. Slowly, the small piece of cotton slipped over her thighs, then down her calves. She felt hands around her ankles that lifted her feet off the ground as her last item of clothing was taken from her.

She took deep breaths, trying not to think that she was sitting naked. But the feeling of Judith’s and Elaine’s dresses on her skin was a constant reminder. A hand touched her shoulder and she let out a small gasp as if an electric shock had passed through her.

Karen and Annabel went back to leaning on Christina’s thighs. It was a glorious sight, looking up at her naked body. Karen licked her lips as she stared at Christina’s perfectly circular nipples.

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