Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 22nd January 2019


It was still warmer than usual outside so I went for the jacket, skirt and knee-high boots look for my visit to the start-up again – with no blouse underneath. But I did wear a nice pair of underwear. I think it might be their favourite, judging by how helpful all the boys are all day.

And then one of them asked me near the end of the day if I was free after work. It was so sweet as he was so bad at it, and I said I was meeting someone and hoped he get my meaning. I guess it’s easier to get out of these things with a boyfriend to use as an excuse. (Yes! I’ve decided I actually do have a boyfriend!)

I was feeling so sexy by the end of the say that I went into the toilets and slipped the underwear off and travelled home in my suit jacket and skirt. Okay, I had a coat on too, but I still felt pretty daring. The jacket was a bit rough on my nipples, though. I was about to take it off as soon as I got home and then caught sight of myself in the mirror just as I had it unbuttoned down the middle. Modesty aside, it was a very hot look. I almost took a photo to send to Kieran but I thought he might think I was desperate for sex (which was true) and I didn’t want to be too available, if you know what I mean. Maybe you don’t.

Still, I was disappointed he didn’t send me a text tonight. But I wasn’t going to send him one first, so as I’m about to go to bed I’m feeling a bit frustrated.

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