Exhibitionist Diary: Friday 9th November 2018


I was in such a good mood today I tried the long socks for the first time. With no underwear. I had a long-ish skirt, of course, and ankle boots, and then a light blue blouse, and no bra, and then a cardigan and coat.

Jo sent a message to all the women in the office asking if we went out for evening drinks. Helen on reception replied that we don’t often but she’d like to.

It was funny, because suddenly more of the men wanted to come out too. I get the feeling they’re looking at us all a little differently now that Jo’s around, and it’s suddenly like we’ve all had a promotion (just without the pay rise).

I only stayed for a couple of drinks and spent most of the time enchanted by Jo’s anecdotes of past work experiences and what it was like when she was “younger”. I think with the long socks clinging to my thighs I was a little bit overwhelmed by it all.

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