Exhibitionist Diary: Thursday 8th November 2018


I took Jo at her word and for the first time ever I didn’t wear a blouse to work. Now I would love that to mean that I didn’t wear anything, but I put a nice top on instead. It wasn’t low cut or anything, but I just felt… better. Maybe it’s more feminine or something, but I smiled at a guy on the tube and he smiled back, and then I was too embarrassed and went back to my book.

Oh, and I wore trousers too. We’d been allowed to wear trousers before, of course, but somehow grey skirts had become office uniform.  Jo said she liked my outfit and my heart fluttered. What an idiot!

I went for lunch with Ha and we talked about our new boss. I wasn’t the only one who wore something different too, and Ha had a lovely green blouse that almost matched her eyes. We both agreed that although we’d have to see how things went with Jo over time it was definitely good to have a woman at senior level.

Weirdly, on the way home I felt sexier as I was, covered pretty much from head to toe, than at any time in the past couple of months. It’s wonderful what empowerment feels like.

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