Exhibitionist Diary: Mon 29th October 2018


What a day.

The weather took a bit of a nosedive. Although it stayed warm it was forecast to absolutely chuck it down with rain. But being the resourceful person I now am I took full advantage of it as I have some calf boots that don’t get anywhere near enough wear, and to go with those I wore a slightly shorter skirt than usual. It meant I wasn’t really showing any more leg, but it felt a bit riskier to move the bare skin a bit higher!

It put me in such a good mood that I was bouncing along the street to the tube with my umbrella in one hand and my bag over my shoulder. And when it started to rain it felt so good I didn’t put the umbrella up. It felt remarkably warm and I didn’t even button my coat up.

I put the funny looks that I got on the tube down to the grin on my face, but then I got to work and went into the bathroom to dry my hands and I worked out exactly why: the white blouse I was wearing was half-soaked with rain, and looking back at me from the mirror were two pink nipples showing through the wet cotton! It was like I was wearing tissue paper!

OMG I wished I’d had the courage to do that knowingly, but there was no way I could sit around the office like that. So I had to keep my jacket on and buttoned up for the morning while I steamed inside! I must have looked a right state with bedraggled hair and a red face from being too hot.

Lesson learnt, I guess, but I’m not sure if it was a good lesson or a bad one.

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