Exhibitionist Diary: Sun 28th October 2018


The clocks went back today so we all got an extra hour in bed. Except really it just means I got up at a reasonable time and still had a lie-in. Met friends today and then wandered around saying how weird it was that it was warm at this time of year, but the problem with the clocks changing was that it was getting dark by late afternoon.

Anyway, I was too terrified that my friends would discover my new secret adventures that I ended up wearing about twice as many clothes as I needed. I was baking when I got home, so I stripped down to my underwear as soon as I got through the front door. And then I remembered that I had some washing on the line out the back, so as dusk began to fall I snuck out the back door and in nothing but bra and knickers I unclipped my washing and folded it over my arm.

I’m not sure whether I’m disappointed that nobody seemed to see me, but I can reward myself with that mug now. “If it requires pants or a bra it’s not happening today” shall be my motto, except when it comes to washing I’ve promised myself that it’s only bra and pants from now on.

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