The Librarian


Naked Librarian

“Maybe if she didn’t dress like she was fifty!” Cassie recognised Michael’s voice from the corridor. She paused outside.

“Oh, don’t be so hard on her.” It was Adam, the library administrator. “She’s always nice to everyone, and she’s good at her job.” Cassie felt a warm glow inside: she had a very soft spot for Adam, a very soft spot indeed. Not that he’d ever guessed it.

“All I’m saying is, it would be nice to have some eye candy around the place!” Michael spoke again. “And Cassie’s not that. She’s always in that jumper and skirt, and probably wearing fifty layers underneath it. She’s locked up tighter than a nun’s chastity belt.”

Cassie looked down at herself, at her long jumper and long skirt with tights and blouse underneath. But just because she chose to dress like that, couldn’t they see past it? But she didn’t want them to suspect that she had overheard their conversation so she turned and walked away quietly.

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