The Librarian


Naked Librarian

“Maybe if she didn’t dress like she was fifty!” Cassie recognised Michael’s voice from the corridor. She paused outside.

“Oh, don’t be so hard on her.” It was Adam, the library administrator. “She’s always nice to everyone, and she’s good at her job.” Cassie felt a warm glow inside: she had a very soft spot for Adam, a very soft spot indeed. Not that he’d ever guessed it.

“All I’m saying is, it would be nice to have some eye candy around the place!” Michael spoke again. “And Cassie’s not that. She’s always in that jumper and skirt, and probably wearing fifty layers underneath it. She’s locked up tighter than a nun’s chastity belt.”

Cassie looked down at herself, at her long jumper and long skirt with tights and blouse underneath. But just because she chose to dress like that, couldn’t they see past it? But she didn’t want them to suspect that she had overheard their conversation so she turned and walked away quietly.

“I’m sure she’s pretty enough, she’s just waiting for the right man, that’s all,” she heard Adam say as she walked down the corridor. It was sweet of him to defend her, but it was obvious he wasn’t in the least bit interested in her.

Their conversation was still playing over and over in her mind when she went to dress the next morning. A strange resolve took her: she’d start with trying to feel sexy, and maybe Adam would see some of the real Cassie.

She pulled a pair of stockings out of her drawer. She’d never even worn them before. They were very smooth on her legs, and the slight pinch of the elastic that held them on her thighs was a turn-on.

She wrapped her skirt around her waist and fastened the buttons. What did she need underwear for anyway? It felt so daring.

She picked up her long, cream-coloured jumper and pulled it over her top. The soft wool felt gorgeous against her bare skin. She’d never before wondered how good it might feel against her breasts, and now she realised how much she was missing out on.

Finally, she put a touch of gloss on her lips and a stroke of mascara on her eyelashes. She rarely wore much make-up and she preferred that it was subtle when she did.

Cassie put on her short-heeled boots and went to work. She swiped her entrance card into the faculty library and took her place behind her desk. It was a wooden booth raised slightly above the level of the library so she could see everything that went on, and she rarely had to leave it during the day. Adam arrived twenty minutes later.

“Good morning, Cassie,” he said on the way past, and then he paused and came and leant on the edge of the desk. Did he sense something different about her? Cassie pursed her lips, wishing for Adam to notice the new look about her. She felt full of energy, so surely he must feel it.

“I don’t know what you’re doing for the next couple of events,” Adam continued. Was he about to ask her out? “But a bunch of manuscripts have come in that need categorising. I was hoping you’d be able to put some overtime in and go through them.”

Cassie’s heart sank: this wasn’t the way that conversation should have gone.

“Sure, Adam,” she said. When did she ever do anything in the evening anyway?

“Great!” Adam said, “I don’t know where this library would be without you. Thanks, Cassie.”

She loved it when he used her name. She felt as if she was noticed, even if it was just an offhand phrase.

Cassie worked the rest of the day just as normal, rarely leaving her desk as academics came and went from the library, occasionally taking a book or journal out of the building but mostly just asking her to look things up on her system.

The last of them left the library by five o’clock and Cassie turned off the entrance system. She’d spent the whole day sitting and working without any underwear and not a soul had noticed. It was most disappointing.

She left her desk and walked to the archive room. The pile of manuscripts and journals were on the table. Some of them were covered in dust and she wondered where they’d been brought from. Well, she’d just have to get her nice clean clothes dirty.

She smiled to herself: if only they knew, she thought. The entrance system had shown she was the only one in the building, and no-one could come back in now she had locked it down. She pulled her jumper over her head. It felt soft and luxurious as it slipped over her skin, and it felt so sexy now to be without it.

Cassie unbuttoned her skirt and unwrapped it from around her waist. She smiled again: frumpy, uptight Cassie was in the archive room in nothing but a pair of stockings and boots. Well, it would save getting her clothes dirty, wouldn’t it? She giggled to herself: nobody would believe that excuse.

If truth were told, she was always turned on around books anyway, and it was so exciting to handle the old manuscripts and to feel them close to her. She felt energised as she worked and as she organised the pile of books she would hold each one to her chest and feel the rough, dusty cover against her bare skin. She’d be filthy by the end of this, but it was easier to shower her skin clean than to hand wash a cashmere sweater.

After a couple of hours she figured she was halfway through and decided to tackle the rest tomorrow. She wrapped her skirt around her and pulled her jumper back over her head. The wool still felt good against her, but it wasn’t quite as exciting the second time around.

The next morning Cassie chose the same outfit: short boots, stockings, wrap skirt and cashmere sweater. Maybe the new Cassie would never need underwear again. She applied a little more lip gloss and just a touch more eye make-up and went to work.

“Morning, Cassie,” Adam said when he arrived. Cassie smiled at him and rested her chin on her hand, feeling more confident about projecting the dreamy look that she always felt like adopting when Adam talked to her.

“You’re looking exceptionally bright and happy this morning,” Adam said, “Anything I should know about? I hot date last night?”

Cassie blushed: her date with a pile of books had been pretty hot. She’d never been naked with any of the men she’d been out with before, so the books were already ahead. She shook her head and Adam smiled. There definitely seemed to be something about her this morning, he thought, and he wondered why he’d never noticed that she was actually quite pretty before.

“No, no date,” she said, “Unless you count the manuscripts.” She indicated the archive room with her head.

“And how did you get on?” Adam asked, “Do you need any help with them tonight? I’ve got some time.”

Cassie weighed up the options: another hour with Adam, or spend time naked with the books? She actually liked the sound of the second option and shook her head.

“No, thanks,” she said, “I should be able to finish them off tonight.”

Adam smiled. “You’re a star,” he said, “Most people appreciate you enough.”

Too right, Cassie thought, you included. She sighed as Adam turned and walked to his office.

Cassie tucked herself tight into her desk and looked around the library. Another insane idea took hold of her. She reached down unbuttoned her skirt and unfolded it from across her thighs. It hung over the sides of the chair and draped down to the floor, but from inside her booth there wouldn’t be anyone who could see her. She pulled her jumper down a little; it reached down over her thighs, at least as far as the tops of her stockings.

She put her hand over her mouth and giggled: the stuffy librarian is sitting here without a skirt or underwear. Nobody would suspect a thing. She ran her hands over her stockings, enjoying the feel of the sheer material beneath her palms and the sensation it transmitted through to her legs.

The day passed as normal, but it was one of the more interesting ones that Cassie had spent at work for some time. It was a shame she couldn’t just pull her jumper off as well, but that really would be noticed.

Five o’clock came around and Cassie checked the security system: apart from her, Adam was the only one left in the building. She’d wait until he was gone and then she could get rid of the jumper and get back to the archives. She was almost trembling in anticipation.

Right on cue, Adam appeared across the room. He walked over and leant his elbow opposite Cassie. She involuntarily pulled herself closer to the desk, making sure there was no way he could see her bottom half. She dreaded to think what he’d say if he knew she’d been sat there with nothing but stockings from the waist down.

“Hey, Cassie,” Adam said. Cassie’s eyes looked at him with nervous excitement. Part of her wanted him to know just how little she was wearing right now. Arousal grew within her and she crossed her legs beneath the desk.

“Yes, Adam?” she replied.

“Something I meant to say yesterday,” he said. She raised an eyebrow indicating for him to continue. “That new batch you’ve been going through, could you make sure to leave them in the archive room when you’re done? It’s just that some of them are quite valuable and they’re more secure in there.”

“Oh, sure, Adam. But no-one can get into the library at night anyway, so aren’t they just as secure out here?”

Adam’s kept his eyes on Cassie. “Oh, yes, but we’ve got the security camera in there, so if anything does happens then it’ll show up.”

Cassie’s heart stopped: she’d never noticed the camera. Does that mean her nude archiving last night had all been recorded? And who might be able to see it?

“I’m the only one who has access to the files,” Adam said with a smile.

Did he know? Cassie wondered. Wouldn’t he just confront her if he did?

“Oh, right…” Cassie mumbled, “Is there anything else?”

“No, no,” Adam said. Cassie felt she was in the clear, for now; he’d surely say something if he knew. “But I thought you’d like to know, we don’t keep the recordings for long. We only keep them for longer if something unusual happens.”

Cassie swallowed hard: now she was sure he knew. He must have watched the recording. She took a deep breath.

“But what I said earlier…” Adam said, “I thought, if we both got to work on the archive pile tonight, it would only take half as long.”

“Erm… it’s okay… I can handle it, if you want to go,” Cassie said nervously. She suddenly wished Adam would leave and she could wrap her skirt back around her legs and get through this nightmare as quickly as possible.

“No, I insist,” Adam replied. He suddenly walked around the side of her booth and swung the door open. Cassie watched as his eyes glanced down at her stockinged legs. Her calf had a beautiful curve to it as it swung into the narrow ankle boot.

She was glad that she’d tucked her jumper under her backside now; he might, just perhaps, believe she was wearing a short skirt. It would be the first time ever, but it was a simpler explanation than that she was wearing nothing.

“I… can you just give me a minute?” Cassie asked. She wanted a minute to wrap the skirt around herself. It would seem odd if she was suddenly wearing more than before, but it was easier to explain away than if she accidentally flashed at him.

“The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll be finished,” Adam said, his eyes still watching her intently.

Cassie closed her eyes a second: he wasn’t going to leave her alone unless she made a point of asking him to go away, and she couldn’t think of a good reason for that.

Cassie stood, and Adam glanced down at her legs again. They were long and shapely, and he wondered how he’d never noticed them before. But the reason that he’s never noticed them was obvious: because, before last night’s camera performance, he’d never seen them before. He’d nearly fell off his chair as the grainy image of Cassie, apparently naked, had moved in and out of shot. He’d happened to see a few frames from the security camera that afternoon and if it wasn’t for the thumbnails it had generated he wouldn’t even have looked at it.

Adam had always sensed that Cassie liked him, but he’d never thought of her as anything but a work colleague. He’d always liked her as a friend, but now he saw her in a whole new light. He kicked himself for overlooking her for so long.

And who would have thought she’d be one to wear stockings? He would have put money on them being tights. And whatever she was wearing under that jumper, it was one of the shortest skirts he had seen, outside of a nightclub. Did she always wear that behind the desk, and wrap herself back up before she went home again?

Cassie stood from her chair, carefully holding her jumper down over thighs. All she’d have to do was reach her hands over her head and he’d see everything… Cassie felt her face glow and her head spin. She stumbled and put her hand on the side of the desk.

“You know, Cassie,” Adam said, “I know it’s a bit inappropriate, but it’s great to see you wearing something other than the same old skirt. It’s a different side to you.”

Cassie bit on the side of her lip: if only he knew.

“I don’t know if it’s inappropriate,” Cassie replied, “But it’s nice to hear all the same.” She smiled weakly.

“Okay, let’s get to it,” Adam said. Cassie followed him to the archive room, taking short strides, her hands firmly on her sides to hold the jumper in place.

They stood in the archive room, the second half of the dusty manuscripts and books sitting on the table beside them. Adam unfastened the knot of his tie and pulled it off.

“Since it’s after five,” he said, and he draped the tie across a chair. Cassie bit on her lip again, wishing that he’d continue by unbuttoning his shirt a little. Adam caught sight of her glance and wasn’t sure if he read her thoughts. He looked down at her legs again; they were gorgeous, and the lace around the top of her stockings was such a tease.

His eyes traced up to her jumper. The footage last night had been so grainy, but his imagination had filled in some tantalising detail. He had to see how far she’d go.

“All this stuff,” Adam said, waving his hand at the collection they had to sort through, “It’s pretty filthy. I don’t mind getting my shirt dirty, but it’d be a shame to mess up that nice jumper of yours.”

Cassie took a sharp intake of breath: she felt so turned on, and the implication of what he’d said sent a jolt through her. She felt weak at the knees, and she couldn’t concentrate enough to come up with a good reply.

“I’m sure whatever you have underneath there will wash more easily than cashmere, huh?” Adam prompted again.

Cassie took a deep breath. She reached down, grabbed at the bottom of the jumper, and pulled it up over her head. Adam stared as her body was slowly revealed; her thin waist, her tight stomach, and larger breasts than he would ever have imagined. He longed to touch them.

Cassie pulled the sweater off of her arms and tossed it onto a chair. She stood in front of him, naked except for her boots and stockings, watching Adam as he stared at her. Her chest rose and fell as she took deep breaths.

“Erm… How about,” Adam said, “We leave these archives until tomorrow? We could… grab a bite to eat maybe?” His mouth felt dry as he tried to take in as much of Cassie’s body as he could, to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

Cassie smiled, realising that the confident, assured Adam was suddenly more nervous than she was. She took a step towards him and put a hand on his arm.

“That’d be nice,” she said, “I can make us something, if you like.” She looked around. “If you can drive us back to my place.”

“Sure,” Adam said with a smile, “My car’s just outside. Do you want to…” He nodded towards her jumper.

Cassie shook her head and then hooked her arm around his. She felt a thrill as her nipple brushed against his cotton shirt.

“No need,” she said, “Unless you’d prefer me back to?…” Cassie trailed off before getting to “the way I was before”.

Adam shook his head vigorously; he’d never think of Cassie in the same way again.

3 thoughts on “The Librarian

  1. This just makes me want to go to the library. I would love to see what happened next. A long car drive, and maybe a walk. It would be interesting to see how she was going to go in to work the next day as well…

  2. Like a lot of my stories, I often want to do a follow-up, but unless I come up with something suitable I think it’s better to leave it up to the reader’s imagination.

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