“Changing Rooms” Follow-up


Changing Rooms was well received, and I enjoyed writing it, so I’ve written a follow-up to it called The Hen Party. In this story, Susan joins some friends and, far from revelling in her voyage of self-discovery, she realises that everything changes when it might affect how a friend perceives you, and how your reputation might spread afterwards.

Susan really raced forwards in Changing Rooms, so this time she takes a bit of a step backwards, and sideways, and has to almost start from scratch again, although keeping with her the knowledge she gained along the way. In The Hen Party she explores her sexuality more widely, comparing how it feels to be touched by either a man or a woman, both of whom are as perfect physical specimens as she could wish for.

The story again brought some nice comments, and I think the ones that point out that it’s not as much fun as Changing Rooms are spot-on. This part is really the middle section of a trilogy, though, and it seems there’s plenty of desire to see it through to the end:

I’ve got your story up next on the reading launching pad and what little I’ve peeked at please take your time with it and I for one enjoy reading slow build ups. I want you to present the story as you planned and don’t leave anything out.

Given that the ending of The Hen Party is a fairly long private scene, I was wondering about whether it was the right material for the ASN Story Board at all, and I think it’s borderline. But then, I think readers will enjoy going along on the journey that Susan’s experiencing, and it can’t all be of the same format, even if it means delaying some of the titillation for a while.

The third part is in progress!

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