First Short Story Posted


I’ve put my first short story up on Indian Outlaw’s “ASN Story Board”, a place for stories about “…Stripping, nudity, or ENF”. I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of the stories on the site and was really interested in the process of writing one.

My story has Susan, who has just exited from a relationship, trying to regain her sexual confidence. Of course, the ending is fairly predictable, given how the stories on that site always end up, but it was fun to play with that predictability. It’s like foreplay where you know where it’s all going to end, but anticipating the ending for as long as possible makes the journey just as important, if not more so… (Actually, in my mind, it’s definitely more so.)

I’m rather pleased with the responses the story has had, especially from some of the regulars on the site, and it’s encouraging me to continue it. My favourite, which modesty forbids… oh, the hell it does:

This was truly a great story that was a joy to read. PLEASE tell me that there will be more!! I can see sooo many possibilities now that Susan has experienced her awakening.

The story is called Changing Rooms and I’ll try wrapping it up as a free eBook soon, but in the meantime you can read it here.


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