Are You Interested?

Naked woman by a lake

“It was our fourth date, if that’s what you call them, and I couldn’t tell if you were bad at picking up signals or just weren’t interested in me. I would get an answer to that one way or another.”

An Open Road


“Catch me if you can,” I said with a smile and a wave of my hand, and then I pressed my foot onto the accelerator pedal and the sports car leapt forwards. I watched in my mirror as his SUV struggled away from the lights and disappeared into the distance. I’d hardly gotten a mile from my house and already this drive was turning up some surprises.

Out on the open road, the engine felt more alive than ever. Possibly because of the cooler air, it just felt like all eight cylinders jumped into life the instant I put my foot on the accelerator, and each time the ripple of power ran through the car body I felt a tingle through mine and my nipples stood erect.

Driving through the forest I came up behind a truck that was moving slowly around the snaking curves. I knew there was a straight section two miles up ahead so I took my time and, checking all was clear ahead, I put my foot to the floor and moved across to pass it. The automatic gearbox dropped two gears and I was pressed into the seat by the acceleration. I didn’t mind the driver getting enough of a glimpse of me to wonder if he’d really been passed by a naked woman in a sports car, but I didn’t want him to get a good look at me so I kept accelerating.

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Setting The Musician Free


“You’re a beautiful young girl, Jessica,” Miss Ashdown whispered, “So now let’s see how you play.”

She led her student back to the piano and sat her down. Jessica was past the point of asking for her clothes back; she had become so aroused by the exercise that every touch of her feet on the wooden floor, her bare skin on the rough piano stool, and her feet on the chill brass of the pedals was like electricity through her body.

Miss Ashdown watched as Jessica caressed the keys and the piano sang in response. She envied her for her passion and, perhaps a little, for her physique too as she moved up and down the scales. She noticed how Jessica moved her position on the stool to stimulate her body yet further, how she would lean into the piano as if she wanted to climb on top of it, and she could feel the essence of the young woman’s sexuality in every passage she played.

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Naked, But At Least I Have A Beer


Martha and Kathy returned with a big collection of beers and handed them out. We began to talk about what we should do for the rest of the day, since it was only the middle of the afternoon. There was talk of hanging around for another couple of hours, and then maybe going to a bar.

“Erm,” I said, becoming increasingly self-conscious as my energy levels subsided, “Any chance of me getting my clothes back.”

“Ha,” Martha said, “After all the effort we went to getting them off of you?”

“What effort?” I almost shouted.

“Your right,” Sue agreed, “You did give in rather easily…”

I gave her a slap in the arm.

“Anyway,” Tan said, putting an arm around my waist. It was a strange sensation having a friend I’ve known for a couple of years hugging my naked body.

“Anyway,” she restarted, “I prefer her this way.”

“Me too,” Kathy agreed.

“All in favour?” Martha said, raising her hand. The rest joined her.

“No!” I protested, “Whether I’m dressed or not is not subject to a vote!”

“Motion carried,” Martha continued, ignoring me.

“Sorry, babe,” Tan said, and gave my waist a squeeze with her hand. It felt quite nice…

“Oh yeah?” I said, and I twisted to face her and draped my arms around her neck. She looked down at my breasts. I turned my head to Sue. “Let’s see what your girlfriend thinks of this,” I said to her, and I pulled Tan closer towards me and pressed my lips to hers.

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