3 thoughts on “Coffee Mornings

  1. escriterra

    “Coffee Mornings” as an occasional indulgence is a lovely idea! How very intriguing: a special invitation to a monthly brunch offering by invitation only to selected women who’ve indicated interest in a light, satisfying and delicious meal along with a different server for each brunch.

    Wouldn’t it be so much fun to wonder what kind of nude male server would be on premises as you step from the cab in front of the entrance?

    • ifonle

      “Did I say you can’t move closer? ” she winked, smiling. My stomach lurched, then settled…even as my cock stiffened and began to twitch: now on full view and within her easy reach.

      “This is going to be fun,” she winked again, her hand slipping down to enclose my hardon — and slowly stroke it. Until my breathing was ragged and every part of me was quivering as I tried to stay upright on tiptoe.

      “Double or nothing?” her teeth closed firmly on my earlobe. Then released my earlobe as she said:” Fresh drink please. And don’t get lost on the journey. I have plans for that tush, and your cock and ball set…” A statement she capped with a sly wink.

      Turned out she meant it…every word ot it.

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