Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 7th September 2020


Tonight was yet another of those really bizarre nights.

I had so much to do at work I was thinking of messaging Mel to say I couldn’t make it tonight again, because I’m going with Jo to meet Deborah’s company on Wednesday, but then she texted to say she had something else to do but could I come around at seven thirty instead. That was actually okay as it meant I could do another hour and a half of work before leaving.

So I got to her place, put my clothes in her mailbox and locked it and made my way up to the seventh floor. And I didn’t even think about whether I’d meet anyone, but it was encounter-free.

Mel also opened the door almost instantly and I went inside, slipped my shoes off, went into her front room and saw… Tim, sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, with another chair beside him, and Mel’s seat opposite. And Tim was entirely naked and semi-erect. At the sight of me his cock climbed upwards and bounced back and forth, and there was no way not to stare.

I looked at Mel because this was just so weird, to be there with a male co-worker and we were both naked, and Mel just said “I told we would have to resolve this and Tim agreed”. I notice I didn’t get to agree or disagree to this plan. And I asked the most stupid and obvious question: “Why’d Tim naked?”

Mel made a sort of snorting laugh and said did I think I was the only one that she had naked consultations with. She said she found people often revealed a lot when they had literally no way to hide.

So I sat beside Tim, thankfully not touching, with his cock pulsing just in my peripheral vision, and then Mel got us talking. She asked Tim quite frankly if he’d revealed anything about who I was, and he said no, and he never would have. And Mel was right that there’s something about being naked because I believed him.

From there it was just the weirdest kind of relationship counselling service you could imagine, except that we’re not in a relationship (except for at work), and we were both naked, which I’m sure isn’t normal.

I told Tim that I didn’t like it that he had a hold over me, because he knew so much about me. He said he didn’t feel like that, and he wouldn’t use anything. So Mel suggested that Tim could just share something about himself that would be equally as embarrassing if everyone knew about it, and Tim said that just being here was probably enough, and I know a lot about his relationship with Linda. Mel took out her phone and took a picture of Tim sitting there with his hard-on and said she’d send it to me and I said no, please don’t, and Tim laughed but I realise it was kind of heartless of me.

So it turned out that Tim does also quite fancy me, but also realises I’m his boss, and I’m not interested, and he really has started seeing someone so I needn’t worry.

We talked for maybe an hour, and apart from anything it was distracting seeing Tim’s erection flag, and then Mel would say something and it would bob back up again. But at the end of an hour I felt like we’d gotten through so much, and all was now resolved with Tim. It felt like we’d actually shared something and I said to Tim that if we weren’t, you know, naked, then I would hug him. Mel said that shouldn’t stop me, but even Tim said I’d better not, because his cock was really throbbing by then.

Mel said she’d stay and talk to Tim and I put my shoes on to leave. Tim was surprised when Mel opened the door and he had to ask where my clothes were. I explained they were in the mailbox down in the lobby, but I had the key. I realised then he probably thought I was very odd.

That was so weird but was such a good thing for Mel to set up.

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