Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 5th September 2020


I met Elise at a bar after work last night and she seemed a bit down and said she didn’t really want to go out, so I said we could have a quiet night in at my place. So we went back and ordered a takeaway and I asked her what was up. Well, it turned out that the landlords are selling the pub, and she has six weeks to find somewhere else to live, let alone some way to earn a living. She was really down as she said all she could think of was going back to France. There’s no way I was going to let that happen so I told her if the worst came to the worst she could stay here for a while, because I have a small spare room that I could put a bed in. She took a bit of persuading that I really meant it but she said she’d consider it in case nothing else came along.

Once she had that off her mind, and once we’d eaten, things lightened up a bit. She said she really liked my dress but I was making it too easy to get me out of it, so she’d make it harder for herself by unbuttoning it using chopsticks! It took forever and there was a lot of giggling and it pretty soon turned into kissing and we actually went to the bedroom and made love.

I woke up quite happy with her beside me, and it was early enough and she was sleeping so soundly that I left a note beside the bed and actually went to the park run. Mel said she was surprised to see me but I said I’d left Elise sleeping so thought I’d get a run in! It’s the first time I’ve seen Mel surprised by anything. Mel asked if I’d spoken to Tim, which I hadn’t, and she said he’d mentioned it too and she wanted to make sure we resolved things. I guess I’ll have to do something.

Elise was still there when I got home with pastries and after I’d showered we had breakfast (which I felt no need to dress for) and then made love again. I managed to keep her hanging around until almost lunchtime when she said she had to go to sort the pub out. I said I didn’t think she needed to if they were kicking her out, but she said it was still her job and she didn’t want to let people down.

It was a nice day and I actually forgot all the trouble with my naked identity not being quite so secret any more. I still don’t know what to do about that.

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