Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 20th August 2020


I saw Ha today and told her a bit about the holiday. She said it sounded like fun and she was jealous, because the holiday I’d been on with her and Lily had been so much fun too. I said we could still go away together and she said she’d try to think of somewhere that I could get away with being naked! Which was going to be difficult in UK temperatures if we didn’t do it soon.

Anyway, the last day in Poland actually wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was fun. We left late morning and had a mid-evening flight so we took a winding route back. I sat in the front of the car, naked, but Mark had planned a couple of stops for us. So I walked around some castle ruins naked, and we saw an old cave system (but I didn’t go too far inside as it was too cool for my bare skin), and we sat outside a bar in a small village at lunchtime and the locals came and asked Ana why I wasn’t wearing any clothes. I think if that’s all the reaction I’d get then maybe I should move there, although apparently they’re not quite so liberal in all parts of the country. Why can’t people just let each other be themselves?

We got to the car hire place and I realised I was still sitting naked in the passenger seat, and because it needed to be inspected Mark drove it up to the service kiosk and a guy came out. He could already see I was topless, and Ana said there was no point me staying in the seat because we were handing back the keys now. It made his day when he saw I was nude from head to ankles, but at least I had sneakers on!

Ana and Mark teased me as we left the parking lot by saying they didn’t think I needed clothes for the flight. We made it within sight of the airport bus before Ana let me have a dress to throw on, because I don’t think the driver would have let me on otherwise. It felt weird having fabric against my skin all the time.

Anyway, we were so tired when we got back that they went to their place and I came home. It was an amazing weekend, though.

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