Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 15th August 2020


I don’t know whether to write about the end of the holiday or last night with Elise now! There’s too much to tell!

I’ll start with last night.

Anyway, because Elise had sprung it on me while I was at work I hadn’t had time to prepare what to wear, but luckily I was in a light summer dress, showing off my lack of tan lines (because I’d picked up enough sun last weekend), and I was generally feeling pretty good about everything and having a little flirt with everyone in the office, male or female.

I don’t know what I was expecting but Elise gave me a light kiss on the lips when I met her just around the corner from the office. I suddenly got very concerned that someone from work would see me kissing another woman, although why should that be a problem? Anyway, it was nice and made me tingle. Elise was wearing a short skirt and has such slim legs that I wonder why she wears trousers so often.

We managed to find a place to sit outside and drink some fizzy wine, and the place did food so we just sort of drifted through the evening chatting until it started to get dark. It was still really warm so no need to find somewhere inside. Anyway, it got to an almost awkward point because I wondered what we should do next but I was feeling pretty bold after last weekend so I just asked Elise if she was going to take me back to hers. She said the pub would be too noisy so we should go back to mine.

My heart was racing as we took the bus home. We were sat there and Elise said “You know, if there weren’t so many people on this bus you wouldn’t still be wearing that dress now.” I said “lucky me” and she said, “but unlucky me” and I wondered if she’d do something anyway, and if she did would I object, but I was still in the dress when we got off the bus.

It was so warm in my flat, but Elise had the best idea: sit in the garden! It’s not a big garden but I’ve got an old wooden bench up against the wall.

So we went down the back stairs, and I was about to sit down when Elise said “That’s a beautiful dress, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to take it off now.” I didn’t even feel like it was too risky doing it, in the dark in my own back garden, so I tried to be as seductive as I could as I unzipped the back and slipped out of it. Of course, I had nothing else on, and I went and sat next to Elise.

I wondered what she’d want to do next but we just sat and held hands and talked for about an hour, while I was naked and getting cooler, and when I said I might have to go inside soon to warm up Elise leant over and we kissed again and she asked if that would warm me up. It did. So we kissed some more and, well, pretty soon things moved past kissing, and I had my first orgasm on a bench in my own garden.

Soon after that I really did cool down too much and we went upstairs and I told Elise she wasn’t allowed to undress herself because I wanted to do it. But I took my time and she stood there all the while as I peeled the layers away. Anyway, I think foreplay is ace, and everyone should do more of it, because when we both finally came it was off the scale.

She had to leave this morning to get the pub ready for this evening, but it was such a nice night. Now I feel guilty about what to I tell Mark and Ana and what do I tell Elise?

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