Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 13th August 2020


Okay, I promised more…

Anyway, Saturday morning we were a bit more organised, and Ana said we should get out early as it was hot riding a horse in the afternoon! I had ridden a little bit when I was younger, and Ana said not to worry as we’d only walk and trot a bit, and she knew the trails and it was very flat and gentle. I said I’d have to borrow some riding gear and Ana said no problem, but I wasn’t expecting to just be given a pair of gloves and some knee-high boots! But Ana said she’d tried riding naked once and it wasn’t to be missed, and I was buzzing so much from it all I think I was up for anything.

The stable boy (who was also the gardener, I think, and definitely more of a man than a boy) was a bit taken aback when I walked out, and I wasn’t expecting to be looked after by someone else either. He must have gotten quite an eyeful as I swung my leg over the horse anyway, and Ana was right: it was some experience! Horses really force the hips apart, and I was glad for a nice soft seat cover because, well, let’s just say that the point of contact is very “direct”. And when my thighs touched the horse’s skin it was so warm! And wearing only boots and gloves I felt so naked…

Mark insisted on riding at the back “to look after us”, but I know he was just watching my bum wriggle in the saddle, and I was fine with that.

After a while I was kind of used to it actually, and we were in the forest out of the sun but it was still warm and Ana and Mark had big sweat marks on their tops. I did suggest they also rode naked but they claimed they didn’t want to upstage me.

Ana had said we were only riding for two hours, but what she didn’t tell me was that at the end of the two hours we entered a small medieval village, with hooves ringing on stone steps and me being paraded naked through the streets like Lady Godiva! And she hadn’t mentioned that we were stopping here for lunch either!

The restauranteur seemed to find a naked woman just as amusing as the barman had yesterday, and he sat us outside, under a covered area, and there were people in the streets talking and gossiping and pointing at me and plenty of photos, and Ana would say something cheery to all of them and they would laugh, and somehow it was all okay. I was loving being naked everywhere and never wanted to leave.

Lunch wasn’t too heavy at least, and we sat around for another hour and I was beginning to forget I was only wearing a pair of boots, except for the occasional passer-by who would wave or sometimes take a photo. And the restauranteur insisted on taking some photos of the three of us by our horses before we left.

By the time we got back I was feeling distinctly unsexy, though, because I realised I smelled of nothing but horse. Showers were very gratefully taken, and the chef was cooking already when we came downstairs, and this time I didn’t have to explain why I was naked.

The surprise of the evening was that after dinner there was a knock at the door and Veronika appeared! She said of course she remembered me from the party, and was I always naked? I said I wasn’t, but I’d like to be, and she sat and talked with us for a while. She was over for a few weeks and had arrived while we were out, but she said tomorrow we would have to join her for dinner in the mansion.

So that’s what we had planned for Sunday evening!

Anyways, it all seems a distant memory after being at work today. More like a dream. Ha asked me how it was and I said it was really good and I’d tell her sometime. She said she didn’t really understand what was going on between me and Mark and Ana and I said neither did I.

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