Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 11th August 2020


I hope I can remember everything, because that was an amazing weekend. I don’t think I can write it all in one go as it was just too much.

But the flight blah blah blah you won’t care about. We had three seats together on the plan but it’s only a few hours and I think I was glad nobody suggested anything too risky. We were all too excited to get to the real start of the holiday and Veronika’s holiday home. Except the holiday started when we picked up the hire car and were left with the keys and our luggage in a parking garage and after I’d put my small suitcase into the back Ana just said “and the rest”, and I knew what she meant, so I stripped out of my clothes (and I was wearing underwear too! Because you never know with airports) right in the middle of the garage. I only thought afterwards they probably have CCTV. Mark said I should sit in the front and Ana sat behind, and she was excited the whole way and would have one hand draped over my shoulder, and sometimes it would drift down onto my breast as we talked, and sometimes my hand would find its way onto Mark’s thigh while he was driving, although I didn’t want to distract him.

We drove for a couple of hours and it was dark so I doubt anyone saw me sitting there naked, and when we pulled up to the cottage it was a lovely little brick thing next to a kind of mansion, and the driveway was crunchy and spikey on bare feet. When we got inside there was a note saying there was some food left in the fridge, and a bottle of wine, which was lovely of Veronika to arrange, and I sat and ate naked, and then one thing led to another and pretty soon we were all intertwined somewhere in the middle of a large room with a fireplace (which wasn’t needed) and a nice plush rug. It was lovely.

I was going to ask about sleeping arrangements but they said there were two double rooms but, if it was okay with me, I’d sleep with Ana tonight, and with Mark tomorrow, and Mark and Ana would sleep together on Saturday night, and then just see what we felt like for the last night. That was totally fine with me because it made me feel really part of the relationship, and was totally unexpected.

Something got competitive in me that night and for some reason I wanted Mark to wish he was spending two nights with me rather than the next night with Ana instead, which is silly and not in the spirit of things. But I teased him for so long that when he finally came I think at least Ana heard it next door, unless she was asleep already.

So that was just getting there.

Then the next morning Ana was already up and I managed to fit sex with Mark in before I came downstairs, and I didn’t even want to dress. But I saw a couple of people out in the driveway and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to walk around naked but Ana said it was fine because they were Veronika’s staff. And it turned out that we were staying in the guesthouse and the big mansion was Veronika’s family home.

We had a lazy morning in the house and pretty soon the three of us were naked again, and having to shower (again) before early afternoon Ana said we should go up into the mountains to look at the view. I was going to get dressed but she said just bring a jacket, which I didn’t have, so she went and asked one of Veronika’s staff and borrowed a lovely fur coat, which seemed madness in the heat but apparently she thought I might need it.

I’m sure someone saw me out of a window when I walked naked (but in boots!) to the car and climbed into the front seat again. And then we drove up twisty roads, climbing for ages, and when we finally got out at the top I really did need the coat. Mark said sometimes I was more sexy when I wore almost nothing than absolutely nothing at all, and Ana agreed.

We had a short walk to a viewing point, which was amazing, even if the air wasn’t all that clear, and we could just about see the mansion down in the valley. I joked that maybe I could flash them from up here, and Mark said joking aside it would be a great place for some photos. He made me feel like a model, posing with Ana, sometimes with the coat on and closed, sometimes open, sometimes off (and feeling the cold air on my nipples!), and Ana took a few with me and Mark, and I took a few of the two of them, but couldn’t persuade them to strip off at all.

Then we got back in the car and I kept my coat on for a while, which was good as we stopped at a bar on the way down. Mark was good and had a non-alcoholic drink, and Ana spoke fluently to the locals in Polish, and then we went and sat outside, because even though we weren’t back in the valley it was already warmer here. Ana said I looked like I was getting warm, which I was, and I should take the coat off! I said it would be a bit of a shock, but she called back to the barman and he said something and laughed, and she said he would be very happy to have a beautiful naked young woman sitting outside his bar because this time of the afternoon was a little quiet and it might attract more people. I think if he hadn’t said it like that I’d have had second thoughts, but I wriggled out if it, but kept it close, and sat there with a sort of spritzer drink and let the sun warm me. It was so nice, and the barman came out and talked to Ana a bit more and I think I made his day. Then a couple of local guys turned up and talked to Ana, and I was glad I didn’t understand them so they couldn’t talk to me, but I noted they didn’t go too far while they had their drink!

Anyway, we went back to the cottage, and what I wasn’t expecting was to have a Polish man in our kitchen preparing dinner. I think Ana explained my, um, nakedness away somehow, and it’s no surprise that he didn’t mind at all. So I went and had a quick shower, didn’t dress when I got back, and he served us a five course meal while we talked and I still wasn’t wearing a thing!

Once he was gone we actually all felt a bit too full to do much except lounge around, and I lay on the sofa with my legs across Mark’s lap while he stroked them. I think the flight and the day out caught up on us and I went to bed with Ana, but I think we were both a bit too tired to do much more than have a bit of cursory sex.

So that was the first twenty-four hours or so. I’ll write more after work tomorrow, but now I need to sleep!

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