No Time To Think


“No time to think,” she said, her blouse flapping open to reveal glimpses of her perfect breasts. I felt myself become rigid in my chair. “Just unbutton your dress. Or do you want me to do it?” The seductive look returned to her eyes again. That was one step I wasn’t ready for.

“No! No!” I said, rather too quickly. My hands moved quickly to my top button and unfastened it, and then the second one.

Then I paused and wondered why I was doing this. The choice wasn’t between me unbuttoning my dress or her doing it, it was between me doing it or it not happening at all.

“Fine,” Elisa said and went to push her blouse off her shoulders. I still couldn’t believe she was going to go through with it, not with nothing to gain. Nothing except the thrill, I guess.

“No!” I said, and quickly set to work on the next button. Elisa pulled her blouse around her again.

I worked my way down the front until each button was undone. The dress was open down to the waist and it hung loosely over my shoulders. If I sat still it would still cover me. I hoped I’d demonstrated enough willingness to join in these games that now we could get back to some semblance of normality.

“I think you may have to stand up to take it off,” Elisa told me with a satisfied expression. It was obvious that Elisa wasn’t going to let me get away with stopping now.

I was still determined not to draw attention to myself, so I pushed the dress off my arms and felt it drop to my waist. I didn’t have time to absorb just how strange it felt, to be sitting topless at the back of an Italian restaurant.

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