Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 27th July 2020


Work was better today now things are a bit more out in the open with Tim, and I was in a better mood when I headed to Mel’s. Which meant I was somewhat complacent and stuffed my dress into the mailbox, called the elevator, got in and… some other random woman came and pressed the call button before the doors closed and they opened again. She was more surprised at finding a naked woman in the lift than I was at being there. I did say to her it was fine and I was just going up to the seventh floor, but she said she’d wait for the next one.

I was smiling about that when I knocked on Mel’s door and she asked me why I was in such a good mood. So the coaching session started before I had even taken my shoes off, and I told her about the night with Elise, how I thought things were okay with Tim, and how Linda and Gary were… odd.

Then I told her all about work, and the press release, and we focussed on work stuff for about an hour. I have a big task list now. It’s all self-imposed but there’s so much reading to do and she said I should follow up on every opportunity even if it meant working twelve hours a day for the next few months, because future me would be grateful for it. She’s probably right.

At the end of the session we even shared a glass of wine looking out from her half-balcony as I let the evening sun wash over my body. Sometimes being nude is great.

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