Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 20th July 2020


I had a meeting with Tim today, and was brusque with him (again). Enough that Rachel raised an eyebrow, and I instantly regretted it. Later this afternoon I sent him a message suggesting a chat tomorrow because I need to do something before Saturday.

I was ready to talk about it some more when I got to Mel’s, and this time I didn’t pretend to forget the rules: I put my dress into her mailbox, rode the elevator (naked) to the seventh floor, and dutifully took my shoes off when I got inside her apartment. But she had work for me to do, with three weeks of receipts and invoices, and I know I shouldn’t take notice of these things but there was a small invoice for an initial coaching session with Tim! I had seen her give him a card but didn’t expect anything to happen from it. Now I wonder if they talk about me… I guess they shouldn’t, and I think Mel would keep things confidential, but it made me wonder.

Mel didn’t even bother to tie me this week either, so I was just a “regular” naked accountant. It felt almost normal, and she just kept at her own work in the other room. Then after little more than an hour I put my shoes on, went downstairs, didn’t see anyone, put my dress on and came home.

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