Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 19th July 2020


Life is so complicated! So many good things at work. So much trouble with everything happening with Tim. But now a good thing with Elise! Or at least I hope the start of a good thing. But what do I say about Mark and Ana? I’m meant to be going away with the pair of them soon. I guess nothing is official with Elise yet so I’m not committed to anything.

With all that going on I spent the day entirely naked doing household chores, and even went and put the washing out in the nude. I know Alison and Russ from across the road saw me hoovering. The only time I dressed during the day was to go out for a run later in the afternoon, but the exhaustion from Friday night really showed and it was hard work.

It’s an early night for me anyway as I still haven’t caught up on sleep.

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