Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 18th July 2020


I have so much fun last night with Elise and now I’m so tired. I met her at a bar and she said something about me looking so formal in a skirt and jacket and I apologised for not making an effort but I wasn’t expecting to go out, and I told her about the meeting. It went okay but I didn’t say much as Jo pretty much dealt with all the questions. I was there because I had been in the press release.

Anyway, Elise said she just wasn’t used to seeing me wearing so much, but that was just part of the fun of hanging out with me: she didn’t know what was going to happen from one day to the next.

We went to an Italian place for dinner and the waiter tried his best to flirt with us. I hadn’t been there before but Elise had been once or twice and she said he was always like that, and not just with her but with everybody. She said she’d seen him acting the same way whether talking to a woman in her twenties or her sixties. I said that spoiled it for me because I could do with being flirted with and she fluttered her eyelashes at me and said “I can flirt with you if you like”. I blushed and she grinned. I didn’t know what to say. Elise said that for a girl that spends half her time nearly naked I got embarrassed awfully easily, which made me blush even more.

We hung around in the restaurant for a while, having eaten a bit too much to do anything else, and then went off to a bar. Then sometime after one Elise took us to a club that was obviously a mostly-women gay bar. At least I could leave my jacket at the cloakroom because it was such a warm evening. We were standing at the bar talking and Elise said she wanted to dance, and I pointed out that this tight skirt was no good for that. Elise said there was an easy solution to that and without waiting to see how I reacted she had unzipped my skirt and was tugging it over my hips. A few other women watched as it dropped to the floor and I stepped out if it and Elise hung it onto one of the coat hooks on the underside of the bar. She grinned at my stockings and said she thought I was wearing tights. My blouse partly covered me but it was pretty obvious that I was wearing only knickers and stockings on my lower half, but I didn’t have time to think as Elise took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor.

She wasn’t the only woman that wanted to dance with a semi-clad woman, it seemed, but we mostly stuck together. At some point she was behind me and wrapped her arms around my body, and as we moved she started to unbutton my blouse. And I let her. She shouted into my ear that I should know she has a thing about buttons.

When she was done she tied the blouse at the bottom so it still partially covered me, and somehow I felt as sexy flashing my bra and knickers as I did when I was naked. Although Elise had other ideas because while I was standing at the bar trying to get us another drink she managed to find my bra clasp beneath my blouse cotton and undo it, and while I was trying to order there was much fumbling by both of us as we extricated the straps from inside the sleeves. (It always takes a bit of contortion doing that.) At least the blouse was still tied around my midriff, but the next dance I was even more popular because it was pretty much impossible to move without flashing a nipple from time-to-time.

After a while we went back to the bar and found a pair of stools and sat and had another drink, and then another dance, and then somehow it was four o’clock in the morning and we were both too tired to carry on.

We started wandering home but then Elise led us into a park and because the night was so mild we just lay in the grass, with my jacket and skirt and bra piled up with our bags beside us. I was flat on my back with my arms behind my head when Elise rolled over onto her elbow and suddenly her face was close to mine. She put her hand on my stomach, which wasn’t hard, and as I looked at her she leant towards me and our lips touched. Somehow the kiss went on and I felt her hand doing something, and then realised she had pulled the knot open at my midriff. She ran her hand up my side, pushing my blouse away from my torso and baring my breasts to the lightening sky, and then her hand slid downward my side and over my waist, into my knicker elastic, and keeping moving downwards over my hips. I pulled my legs up and she pulled my underwear off of my legs without even breaking our kiss. I definitely gasped at that point.

She broke the kiss and smiled at me, and I looked down at my all-but-naked body. Thankfully at five o’clock the park is pretty much deserted, but there were at least a handful of fellow stop-outs looking over at me. Elise smiled and without me even needing to say anything she said “let them look” and smoothed my blouse away from my body. My arms were covered but nothing else, and then we just started talking nonsense, but all the while I was distracted by Elise’s hand absent-mindedly stroking up and down my body, sometimes playing with the tops of my stockings. And sometimes she would kiss me, but she never touched my breast, nor between my legs, and I realise now how much I wanted her to. It turns me on just thinking about it again.

It was well after six when she said we should head home. I was going to put some clothes back on but Elise had hold of everything and just gave me my suit jacket. That barely covered anything, but Elise just laughed and said nobody would notice, just I shouldn’t lift my arms up. It made me laugh.

We came to my place first, and it did seem that anybody we passed on the way assumed I had the shortest skirt on ever rather than nothing but stockings below the waist, and there was an awkward moment at the end of the path. Elise conquered it first and we kissed, and she put her hands on my bare buttocks. I asked her if she wanted to come in and she thought about it, but she said she needed some sleep before getting the pub ready for tonight. But she did say maybe some other time.

I was barely out of my stockings and jacket when I got inside and fell asleep for a few hours, and feel both exhausted and elated today. That was most definitely a date. No question.

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