Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 17th July 2020


I had to wear pretty much a full suit to work today because we had a meeting off the back of our press release. It was with a pretty stuffy old company so I even wore underwear, and a blouse, and skirt and jacket. Jo said to wear tights but to at least feel like I was showing some individuality I worse stockings. It was still stifling.

On the upside I got a message from Elise and I’m meeting her this evening. I’m definitely going to need to unwind. And because I don’t want to take any chances I messaged Mel to tell her I’d miss the park run tomorrow. She replied almost instantly to say to make sure I did my run on Saturday or Sunday, and to make sure I had a good time with Elise. I wonder if I have any secrets from anybody any more.

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