Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 12th July 2020


I’m such an idiot. How could I not have worked it out before?

I got a message from ENFBoyfriend. He said he hoped things could carry on the same way between the two of us, because I knew some secrets about him and Linda as much as he knew about me, so I needn’t worry about anyone else at work finding out from him, because he would never tell. And also that he understands that I’m his boss but he respects that but it doesn’t mean we can’t get along outside work and he’s quite comfortable dealing with me professionally in the office and as a friend outside, whether I’m wearing anything or not. And he said that Linda really liked me and was going to invite me over for dinner with her boyfriend and him soon and not to worry about being nude around him because he was perfectly okay with it.

How could I not have worked out that ENFBoyfriend was Tim until he just spoon-fed it to me. It was there all along in his old messages: the stories about Linda, and about if I was worried about people from work finding out about my secret life. I’m such an idiot. He obviously thought I already knew and that was why I was being mean to him in the office.

It also means Tim has seen those pictures of me at Mel’s. He could probably draw my vagina from memory. He’s seen every lump and curve of my body. What are the chances that he masturbates to those pictures when he’s at home? And hopefully not when he’s at work…

This is so bad.

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