Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 11th July 2020


Today started in possibly the most embarrassing way: as I was walking to the start line for the park run some guy said “hello again”, and it took me a moment before I realised it was the guy who’d seen me running around nude on Monday! Then he smirked and said “you decided to wear your kit today then?” and I just said “Yeah, I thought I would, just for today”. He actually isn’t bad looking but a bit scrawny for me.

I didn’t speak to Mel, though, and then came home, showered, and got ready for the big event this afternoon. Without spoiling it too much, it wasn’t as much fun as the last time, when Ellie came around and we baked everything with her nude the whole time. This time Elie and Stephen brought everything with them, so they turned up around two o’clock. Stephen looked petrified as he went to the kitchen and Ellie said the two of them had to get things ready. So I had to go to the front room and listen to the two of them and, well, it got more amusing when I started to listen carefully and I heard Stephen saying “I can’t go in there like this,” and Ellie saying “it’s too late now because you’ve already agreed to it, and I’m sure Kate’s seen it all before,” and then Stephen: “Yes, but it won’t go down! It’s bad enough being nude but I don’t want to be like… this.” So I could guess what his problem was and it made me giggle. Then Ellie said “So you want me to give you a blowjob, is that it?” and Stephen said “no! Not in Kate’s kitchen!” although I bet he really did.

Ten minutes later the problem had not solved itself, and there had obviously been no blowjob, because Ellie came in, wearing a lovely flowery dress, and Stephen followed, wearing nothing at all, carrying a tray of tea, and sporting the most enormous erection.

He saw me look at it and I said I didn’t realise we had an extra guest, and he went so red, but it did wave at me so it can’t have been that bad. Then he had to go and get cakes and Ellie sat down giggling, and I noticed he’s got quite a nice bum. When he came back he sat with us, with me and Ellie on the sofa and Stephen trying to hide his bobbing manhood in the chair opposite. It was both sexy and funny at the same time.

The erection didn’t stop the whole time: it was just looming there, always in the corner of my eye, and I wondered what Ellie had to complain about because surely he didn’t even need to know what to do with it with any particular skill to make her happy.

At some point Ellie went off to the loo and I was left alone with Stephen and he went extremely quiet. I just started rambling about what a nice way to spend the afternoon this was and I hoped it became a regular fixture, and maybe now he sees it’s not so bad to be naked perhaps he should spend more time that way.

That was when Ellie came back and asked what we were talking about. I said how Stephen was finding it okay sitting around in the nude (although he never actually said that), and then Ellie went and sat across his thigh, the folds of her dress draping over his bare skin, and his cock just waved and waved, and I could see just a hint of moisture at the tip. It would have been funny if he’d ejaculated there and then but he held it back, and Ellie pretended not to notice as she said that whenever either of their flatmates were out she would institute a no-clothing rule.

Stephen was concentrating too hard on controlling himself to say anything and I just laughed at the pair of them, because I have a feeling Ellie may have finally worked out how to spice up their sex life.

They left a while later, with Stephen out of the room for a while as he tried to fit himself back into his trousers, and I just said to them to have fun when they got home.

Now I feel jealous and I’m left home by myself.

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