Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 9th July 2020


I was short with Tim at work again today. I really need to get over that. It’s not his fault he’s seen me naked. Actually, that’s not as bad as having seen me all-but-naked and on the end of a collar and chain with Mel at the pub. Nudity’s one thing but he must think I’m a right kinky one.

I think Ha noticed as she asked if everything was okay with “my team” (which is Tim and Rachel). I said yes but I was just a bit stressed about all the new work. She said we needed a girl’s night in, which I’m always up for, but I can’t do one this weekend because Ellie and Stephen are coming over on Saturday.

I messaged Ellie to make sure Stephen hadn’t backed out. She said no, and also that after the last one where she served us both in the nude they had the best sex yet, so she hopes it will have the same effect if Stephen is naked as if she was. I replied that I don’t think Stephen naked will be quite the erotic figure that she is, and then she asked if that meant I fancied her! I didn’t reply because actually I probably do and I didn’t want to lie, and I didn’t want to tell the truth either.

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