Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 4th July 2020


That was another fun night. Elise said she loved my dress and it was so funny that she never knew whether I was going to turn up wearing a sexy dress or nothing at all! I said: “Which one do you prefer?” and she said “Just surprise me every time.”

She was in trousers and a blouse and looked quite boyish with her short hair.

We went for sushi, and then we were talking so much Elise said it would be nice just to go somewhere quiet, so we found a hotel bar, which always seems a bit odd to me if you’re not staying at the hotel but they’re often quiet. But we had some pretty in-depth conversations about our past life and loves, and she told me all about her cancer treatment, losing her hair, and deciding she just had to live for every moment. I asked if that was why she’d spontaneously gotten naked at some party years ago and she said kind of, but she’d always thought it might be fun, just as a one-off, and it was.

Then Elise quizzed me a lot about my, um, predilection to nudity. She asked if I’d always been like it – which I hadn’t, but I’d long fantasised – and who knew about it, and what did they think, and was I nude at home (which I am. A lot.) She said if she knocked on the door would I just answer it in the nude and I said not usually, but I might if it was her, and she said she’d try it sometime, although she’d have to let me know because I don’t answer the door nude to just anybody.

I ended up talking about Mark and Ana too, because I wanted to be honest with her, and she asked if it was a full-on polyamorous relationship and I had to admit I didn’t know. I said I liked them, and we had a lot of fun, but I felt like they were a couple and I wasn’t. I told her I’d never been with a woman before then, because I think Mel doing things to me doesn’t really count, and she asked what I preferred and I really don’t know any more. I think I get turned on by men more, but they’re less interesting when we get to doing anything. Elise said she might take that as a challenge because she’d mostly given up on men years ago, but then she hadn’t had a proper relationship since chemo either. She said she didn’t miss it and she’d had plenty of flings.

I wanted to ask if this was a fling or just friends or a date or what, but I didn’t have the courage.

We didn’t leave until nearly two o’clock in the morning, when the hotel kicked us out, and took a slow walk home. We passed by my place first and I wondered about inviting Elise in, but somehow it just didn’t seem that kind of night. Elise said it was a really nice evening and make sure we do it again. And then she said, again, that although she really liked the dress, next time to wear something with buttons. Now I wonder if maybe it could have been that kind of night after all.

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