Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 25th June 2020


I had lunch with Ha today and she was asking all kinds of questions about sessions with Mel and how it was going with Mark and Ana. I told her what I thought I could, but not so much about Mel, and I still don’t really know how things are meant to work with Mark and Ana as it’s very much their relationship and sometimes I get to guest in it. But I did say they talked about a weekend away sometime soon, and Ha said it would never be as fun as the week we all went away (despite the memories of Kieran that go with it). I sort of agree, but Mark and Ana push me to do more new things so I really hope it happens.

I asked Ha if she’d forgiven Lily for making her take a cab home naked and Ha giggled and said Lily had definitely made it up to her when they got home, if I got what she meant, and so much so that Lily is even getting Ha to hang around in the nude some evenings on the promise of doing the same again! I didn’t ask what she’d done because Ha went really coy, but she did say she’d never had to beg her partner to stop so many times in one night before. It was a much sexier conversation than I’d expected for a workday lunch, and now I really want to know more! Ha looks really hot naked and it turns me on just thinking about it, so I can only guess what it does for Lily.

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