Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 15th June 2020


I didn’t have to talk with Tim today, which was okay. Not that I feel there’s a problem but I think it’s still all a bit weird.

It was also the first day of the new regime for getting to Mel’s. At least I could leave the office with a dress on, so I didn’t have to go through the subterfuge of getting undressed in the toilets. Funnily enough I didn’t go with her suggestion of making my one item a hat, even though it was probably warm enough to get away with just that.

Then when I got there I listened carefully to check there was no-one coming down the stairs, opened the box with the key Mel had given me, then I called the lift and just before it arrive I pulled my dress off, put it in the box and locked it, and dived through the doors before they closed.

I didn’t meet anybody on the way but it was an incredible rush, because if I had of met someone there’s be nothing I could have done about it. It made my pulse race as I waited for her to come to the door. Her neighbour has already spotted me a couple of times but somehow at least then I had my coat with me, even if I hadn’t put it on in time. Now I had nothing except the shoes on my feet and a key in my hand.

Nobody came and Mel let me in eventually, but she had she really didn’t have any accounting for me to do so we would talk for a while and I would have to add it to the hours that I owed her. She said there’d be a different way for me to repay it other than just accounts, which sounds ominous.

The setup was new this week too. Mel put the shiny metal collar I’d seen before around my neck, and loose chains around my ankles and hands, but they didn’t really restrict my movement, but to the collar she clipped a long metal chain and she had me sit on the floor in front of her while we talked, and she held the other end of the chain. It wasn’t the most exposed position I’d been in with her but I felt like I had given myself up to her just by going along with it. Mel was dressed all in black and wearing ankle boots and she had her laptop beside her as she took notes. It was almost the normality of it, except I was naked and chained, that made it the more intense.

So, of course, in my sex-starved state, it made me even more horny. When we got to talking about Mark and Ana I had to admit it had been weeks and I was thinking about sex far too much. Mel asked if I had done anything about it, and I said no, because she had said I couldn’t. She corrected me and said that I could and I just had a few photos to upload first. I said I couldn’t do that.

Then Mel leant forwards and her face was maybe four inches from mine. She’s really incredibly pretty and very striking, and maybe because she was holding the one end of a leash with me on the other end I felt it even more so. Then with the hand that wasn’t holding the leash she reached out and put her fingers on my right breast.

It was ecstasy to feel someone’s touch and I closed my eyes and then, and I never thought this would happen, while I had my eyes closed Mel’s lips met mine briefly. Her tongue flicked at them and her hand left my breast and moved down my body, tracing a circle around my stomach, and then down again, and I nearly collapsed on the floor as she stroked between my legs.

Then she stopped and I think I moaned. I opened my eyes and Mel asked me if I wanted her to continue. Of course I did! Then she turned the laptop towards me and the pictures were there; pictures of me in a yoke, legs open, helpless and, to my eyes, looking somewhat ridiculous with everything on display. “All you have to do is press this,” she said, pointing at the “Upload” button and pushing the keyboard towards me.

I shook my head, and she leant towards me again and this time it was just the tips of her finger that touched me. And she knew exactly where to touch, and exactly when to stop. I definitely moaned this time.

“I can do this all night,” she said, and I thought she probably would. I thought about it but I still couldn’t do it. There were photos of me naked online already, but not so exposed!

Mel’s finger stroked my leg, up the inside of my thigh, but this time circling my pelvis. It was unbearable, and as she let the chain droop the cold metal ran across my nipple. I closed my eyes to try to shut it out but it just made it worse, because my imagination took over.

Then she stopped again. I said “please don’t”, and her hand stroked my breast in reply. So I asked her “no more after these?” and she nodded: “These will be the last ones.” And I was so desperate and I really didn’t care and I reached over and pressed the button and sent my indignity off to the Internet to be pored over by thousands of eyes.

Mel smiled, put one hand on her chest and pushed me back to lay on the floor, and then her hands took control of me.

Release didn’t come quickly either: she stroked and teased and played with my body and I was reduced to begging her again until finally her hand made firm contact and didn’t leave and I had the most intense orgasm, nearly spread-eagled on the floor with my chained hands above my head and the collar around my neck.

It was only afterwards that I felt embarrassed about the whole thing, right from the way I’d pleaded with her to uploading the photos, to the orgasm at her feet. My body was grateful for the release but my mind was not.

Then as I stood naked and Mel unchained me and I went to find my shoes I realised I still had one more thing to do: to take the key, ride the lift to the ground floor, naked, hope nobody saw me and retrieve my dress so I could go home. And I didn’t have my libido to help me through it.

The journey up, naked, had been thrilling, but the way down was almost terrifying, fearing that somebody would open the doors on another floor, or the lobby would be occupied. But I was lucky and I took my things out of Mel’s postal locker, put my dress over my head and made my way home.

I haven’t been brave enough to check online yet.

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