Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 4th June 2020


I did it today: I found Tim in the kitchen and said we had something to discuss, and did he have time after work, which he did.

I thought we’d go for a drink or something but we were actually done by the time we’d walked and talked. I sort of made something up about doing the strip dance because someone had put me up to it, but it wasn’t going to happen again, and I’d really appreciate it if he kept it to himself. He’d already said he would, and he had, and then added that I didn’t have to worry about him losing respect for me because he thought I was great to work with and everyone’s into different things and it was also great that I could be so confident and powerful at work (ha!) and also confident about my body (also ha!).

Anyway, I think we’re all clear now, and I also think I like Tim better. He seemed more relaxed somehow. Maybe before he was nervous because he was intimidated and seeing a slightly more human side of me was a good thing.

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