Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 25th May 2020


I avoided Tim entirely at work today. I saw him glance over in my direction a couple of times but I couldn’t make eye contact. I can’t help wondering if when I’m sitting at my desk working he’s remembering how I look as near to naked as can be. I wonder if I really mind that much too.

It was still on my mind when I went to Mel’s this evening, and I was so distracted that as the elevator came to a stop on her floor I was already taking my coat off and had it over my arm. The doors opened and the neighbour that I’ve bumped into twice before now was the other side about to get in. His mouth fell open when he saw me standing there naked and, lacking any explanation, I just said “hello again”, stepped past him and knocked on Mel’s door. He realised he was still staring at me after a couple of seconds, mumbled “hello” and then disappeared into the lift. It was quite embarrassing but made me smile.

I was all ready to talk to Mel about what had happened recently but she had a bit of a backlog of work for me this time, which was made more difficult, of course, when she tied my wrists and ankles together at the chair. She left me to it after that, coming back after an hour to see how I was doing. Then as she untied me she asked casually if I’d seen Mark and Ana again, and I said yes, on Friday night. I didn’t mention that Ha had been there too. She said she could understand me missing the park run but I had to let her know otherwise I’d have to do it naked later in the day. For some reason I just said “yes, miss” and left it at that, but now I’m home I don’t know why.

I haven’t tried running naked, and I can’t imagine it’s much fun. I don’t have the biggest breasts, and I don’t run very fast, but it can’t be comfortable.

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