Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 23rd May 2020


Ha had been plotting behind my back! And I love her so much for it.

She said she was taking me to a very nice restaurant first, and when we got there we were led through to a private room at the back, and Mark and Ana were waiting! I got a nice birthday kiss from each of them, and Ana said she’d cleared it with the staff and I wouldn’t need my dress in here! She didn’t even wait for me to agree before she had it unzipped and was pulling it down my body.

For some reason I’d assumed a waitress, but of course we had to have a waiter, and not just one, because there was the sommelier too, and Ana asked one of them if they could hang my dress up, because she said she wanted to make sure I couldn’t back out of this! I felt all kinds of odd sitting there naked with Ha and Ana in nice dresses and Mark in a suit, but it made me tingle so much and the waiters seemed pretty okay with it.

We had the most amazing meal too, because Ana seems to know all the best places. And Ha just told the other two almost every single story of me ending up naked, one after the other, and they said they didn’t realise how often I ended up with nothing on. Ha said she thought if I could get away with it I wouldn’t wear anything any of the time and I had to admit that it would be ideal, assuming the heating was on. Ana said the heating was always on at their place so I should stay more often.

We were there until nearly ten, and Mark paid (for all of us! Despite Ha trying to pay for me and her), and then said there was a car for us three outside, but Ha would have to make her own way home, which she was fine with. I was half wondering if they’d invite her back to their place too, and even more I’d like to know what she’d say.

I said I needed my dress from the cloakroom, and Ana said I couldn’t because the waiter had taken it to the car already. I gave her a slap on the arm, because I knew exactly what she was doing, and she slipped her arm through mine, turned me towards the open doorway, and somehow I put one foot in front of the other and marched out of the private room and into the half-full restaurant, wearing nothing but the short heels on my feet and a pair of earrings.

I kind of felt like royalty, if Lady Godiva counts, because there was only one thing that anybody looked at as I walked through. It was a shame it only lasted about ten seconds in total, but I remember it in so much detail as if it was twenty minutes.

It was a driver I recognised too and I was about to climb into the car, because the street wasn’t empty either, but Ha grabbed me, put her arms around me and gave me a hug, said “Happy Birthday”, and then, I couldn’t believe it, I got the briefest kiss on the lips from her. I never expected that.

Of course, I ended between Mark and Ana in the car, and even in the fifteen minute journey I’d had my first orgasm. And they didn’t let up when I got to their place. Every time I tried to return the favour somehow, by trying to unbutton Mark’s shirt or unzip Ana’s dress, someone would take my hand, I would find another hand or a tongue between my legs, and I was helpless again. I actually did have to beg them to stop eventually.

They gave me my dress back at about 2am and put me back in the car. You can probably guess that I missed the run today because of it.

I keep looking on the news to see if there are any reports of a naked woman walking out of a restaurant, but thankfully nothing!

I owe Ha for that.

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