Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 20th May 2020


Happy birthday to me! Although from the outside you wouldn’t really know it. I don’t really tell a lot of people, so I don’t really get many cards.

I also felt a bit sad to realise that this time last year I was in Paris with Kieran. Life was very different then! It seemed like things were on the up. It’s not bad now, but it feels very disorganised, and I can’t exactly see myself being an appendage to Ana and Mark in five years’ time, whereas last year I could see myself with Kieran.

Ha wished me happy birthday at work, and so did Jo, which was nice, and then I went to Pilates like usual! It was pretty rubbish because I’m still aching from Monday night at Mel’s. Ha did offer to take me out somewhere but I didn’t really feel like it. Now I feel a bit sad that I didn’t do anything, though.

It was nice to have a happy birthday message from Ellie too, even if it was only because Facebook reminder her of it! I’m not sure if it’s even the thought that counts in that case.

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