Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 18th May 2020


I had last minute instructions from Mel this morning, reminding me that I’m back at the cabaret at Elise’s pub again on Sunday (eek!), and I really need to make sure I’ve got the routine down. I’ve gone through it a couple of times since but I have to admit I got lazy.

Still, it was weird getting changed into all that gear in the office toilet and turning up at Mel’s actually wearing something for a change, even if that something does make me look a bit like a prostitute from a Western movie.

Anyway, Mel was right to make me practice, because I needed it. It’s all we did for an hour: strip/dance, redress, go again. And even when Jason turned up after half an hour and Mel said I had to give him my best show. It’s funny that he’s never really seemed interested in me naked, but I could tell from the lump in his trousers that he liked the strip dance better! He was amazed I was going to do that in front of more people in a pub, and then even more amazed when Mel said I’d done it once already. Also, in case it we didn’t know already, he said he didn’t even notice I had nipple pasties and the c-string at first and thought I’d gone totally nude. Mel said “Don’t tempt me or we might do that.” There’s no way that’s happening, though.

I feel like my body’s going to ache tomorrow – that was quite a workout.

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