Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 17th May 2020


Dinner with Ana couldn’t have been more fun. We met for a quick drink first and somehow I just ended up talking and talking about all kinds of things. About Kieran, about Ha and Lily, and she was so intrigued by my whole nudity thing, because she said it was amazing and she wanted to know more. Then I told her about how it seems to be everywhere now I look for it, and about Alison and Russ, and she said she’s very much interested in coming to afternoon tea. So that’s quite a crowd now.

We went to a really nice Japanese restaurant, and were both dressed up for it, with Ana in a short black dress and stockings (I could tell), and I was just in sort of summery dress that I could get away with wearing at work. I paid this time and she said she felt like she was being taken out on a date, and then I said “am I supposed to invite you back home”, and she said if I wanted to, and I said I wanted to, so we came back to mine. And then I felt all kinds of awkward.

Ana said I should get us both a drink and then we ended up at either end of the sofa and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, and it was obvious that Ana found it amusing. Then she just said “I think you’ll be more comfortable out of that dress”, so I just stood up and took it off and then sat back down naked. Then she took out her phone and snapped a photo of me, which she said she was sending to Mark to tell him what he’s missing.

Then she took a photo of the two of us together, and then it was a photo of the two of us kissing… I’m not sure if she sent that right away or later, because we got kind of distracted. I asked her if she wouldn’t be more comfortable out of her dress too and she said yes, if I could work out how to do it, and that was both not easy and also all kinds of hilarious.

She had gorgeous black underwear, and stockings, underneath, and honestly if I was a man I might think I’d died and gone to heaven. Then I said I needed to repay her for the business lead and she said she was hoping I’d remember, and she smirked and opened her legs and… well, you can guess from there. I think we both came at least twice each.

It was weird sleeping with another woman too, but so much easier than sleeping with a man. It was just much less bumpy and much more considerate of space.

When I got up I didn’t dress but went and made us both coffee which we drank in bed, and then more sex, and Ana asked if I had some clothes she could borrow. I had to find things that barely fit me now, like almost from University days, and they still looked like the hung off of her, and really were so out of fashion as to be funny, but she ended up in a short dress I used to love. You could just about see her black underwear through it too.

She suggested we go out for brunch, except that would mean I’d probably have to get dressed. I said unfortunately yes, but just pulled a little dress over my head and remarked at how easy it was to dress when you don’t put much on. And Ana said there was also the great advantage that it was easier to undress too.

So we went for brunch, and after we were done we sat there talking, and I felt Ana’s hand on my thigh, and then up my dress, and then between my legs and I had to stop myself from shouting. But I thought two could play at that game and it would make her stop, but as I put my hand between her legs she just closed her eyes and it was like a battle to see who would make the other one stop first. And the answer was neither and somehow we both had orgasms right in the corner booth of the café without anyone noticing (I think). Except I don’t think anyone can mistake the flushes on our face as we left.

We walked into the park and I said it was a shame we had to part ways but I had things to do and I bet she did, and she said she wanted one more photo of me to send to Mark. So I stood by a statue as she lined up and she held her phone up, and then put it down and said “I think you still owe me,” which I didn’t understand, so she said “So I want a photo without the dress”.

There were like twenty or thirty people scattered around, but no-one coming right towards us, so I quickly pulled it over my head, scrunched it up into my hand and posed there naked in the sunlight! She grinned and took a couple of pictures, and I was so flustered it felt like it took an age for me to put the dress back on. She came over and showed me it, which made me feel more embarrassed than doing it. And then she said “we should do this more often”, and we ended up kissing by the statue before parting ways.

It was lovely and the perfect early birthday present.

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