Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 8th May 2020


We got good news at work that the Belarusian company wants to move forward with us! So I’m currently the talk of the office and held up as example of how everyone can bring in business no matter what position they’re in! Telling them that it’s very much down to who I know not what I know is really going to spoil the image. Anyway, we went out for a drink to celebrate, and I ended up talking to Jo and a couple of the other directors, and somehow my dream of getting into offshore tax accounting feels a step closer.

When I got home I messaged Ana to say thanks for whatever she did, and she said she didn’t really do much except mention my name and that I was highly recommended, and that I could thank her properly next time I saw her. I was feeling both tipsy from drinks and flirty from not having had any kind of sex for weeks so I asked how I should thank her and she said she’d think of something that we’d both enjoy. So now I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep.

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