Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 6th May 2020


Ha said today that she and Lily were missing me being around the place. It was a nice (fun) week with them, but I still like my own space, although I didn’t say it quite like that to Ha.

I had Pilates this evening, and then when I got back home I had a message from ENFBoyfriend. He said he didn’t know if I’d seen, but there were some new photos of me up and posted the link. I was dreading what it was and it turned out to be from my night of cabaret stripping at Elise’s pub! There was a picture of me and her, with me just wearing the c-string and nipple pasties, and the same with me and Mel, and then a couple of scenes of the pub with everyone dressed up and me looking like I was naked, unless you looked really closely. Underneath one of them was a link to Facebook, and it was the page for the pub. I never realised Elise was going to put some of those photos up publicly! I mean, I guess I should have thought about it, but it feels too close to being able to identify me now.

I’m wondering why I just don’t upload everything now and give in. At least I’d know where I was, and it would lift my curse (which is how I’m beginning to think of Mel’s celibacy restriction).

I haven’t replied to the message yet.

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