Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 3rd May 2020


Dinner wasn’t what I’d expected, because the guests turned out to be Sarah, George and Mel! I don’t think they’re trying to set me up with Mel because they must know she has a boyfriend even if they don’t know about everything else.

George, as usual, tried not to stare at me but didn’t manage. Sarah was her usual outrageous self, and Mel is always quieter in these group gatherings than when I see her alone. And at some point Ha brought up the life coaching, and Mel said I’d been coming over there on Mondays for life coaching once week and helping out with accounts and other things the next. Ha and Lily both glanced at my wrists when “Monday” was mentioned, even though they’re not red even a few hours later, and I realised that they were putting things together in their mind. Mel is discreet, though, I’ll give her that.

But Ha is very much not discreet and mentioned Mark and Ana, and Mel said she’d heard about Mark but not Ana, and I got the feeling I was going to have a much harder session with her next time for not telling her the whole story. Sarah found it hilarious and said she thought I was interested in Mark and I’d be way better for him than Ana, who she doesn’t like, but if I can have them both then that’s up to me.

I tell you what: having everyone talk about your relationships and find out all the pieces that only some of them knew is more embarrassing than any amount of nakedness.

Apart from that it was a nice evening, though, and I kind of forgot I was naked most of the time, which is sometimes good and sometimes a shame.

This morning I spent my last breakfast nude with Ha and Lily, and then they helped me bring my stuff over. The builders have gone but the place is a tip and I’ve just been tidying all day and there’s still more to do.

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