Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 2nd May 2020


That was one weird night out. I was nervous the whole afternoon at work, wondering what Ha had in store for me, and really she didn’t disappoint. Although it could have been worse, I guess.

Soon after 5:30 she took me off to the bathrooms and we crammed into the disabled cubicle and she made me get undressed and then put all of my clothes into her bag. I was worried that would be the end of it but she pulled out this tiny pleated skirt with a little belt and a buckle at the side. It was much shorter than I’m used to wearing without underwear, and it didn’t wrap all the way around but the fabric overlapped at the thigh so it didn’t ever quite develop a full side split.

But worse was to come, because then she pulled out two long pieces of thicker fabric with hooks on each end and attached one end of each to little hooks on the skirt at the back, dropped them over my bare shoulders and then attached the other end to the front and I realised they were a pair of braces. She rearranged the length and then carefully placed them to cover my nipples before tightening them a bit more. Now I don’t have the biggest nipples around, but they barely covered them, and I was pretty sure if I moved at all then at least something would pop out.

I asked her if that was it and she nodded. I said I couldn’t go out like that and she said I didn’t have any choice because I had to do what my mistress said. I told her we weren’t at her place now and she said it didn’t matter because the rules hadn’t said that they only applied indoors but just for the duration of my stay. I felt like I couldn’t complain, and since Ha handed my jacket back to me it didn’t feel too bad. If it was just our little secret then I could cope.

We went out for dinner first and met up with Lily, and I got to keep my jacket on, but then it was on to a club and I could tell just from the way it was done up that it was, shall we say, very “female friendly”. There may have been some hetrosexual women there (along with me) but it was very much a minority.

Ha took us straight to the cloakroom and said “you’ll get hot in there so leave your coat”, and I was about to complain when she just stared at me like “you have to do this”. The woman behind the desk gave me a good stare as I took my jacket off, and I looked down to see, inevitably, that one nipple had poked out of the side of the brace that was supposed to be covering it. I readjusted, tried to smile, and we went inside.

It seemed like Lily and Ha knew half the people there too, and I was introduced to everybody. And I was complimented on my outfit A LOT. I kept having to check that I was covering both nipples and with the short skirt I felt like I was wearing next to nothing anyway. I guess I was wearing next to nothing.

Then I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand slip around my waist and a “hi” from beside me. I turned and saw Elise smiling at me. Ha and Lily both gave each other a look which could have meant anything, and I was too surprised to respond properly but asked Elise how come she wasn’t working, because I would have thought the pub would need her on a Friday night. She said she has a deputy manager who works weekdays, and runs the place on her own on Friday so she can have one night off. Then I had to introduce everyone… and then it got worse because Ha asked how Elise knew me, and then Elise said “Because the lovely Kate has performed at one of my cabaret nights”, and I felt like my whole other life was suddenly being exposed.

But at least I didn’t have to explain because Elise did, and I said I’d been seeing Mel for a bit of life-coaching (but didn’t mention the rest), and she said it would be good for me. And then it got all kinds of worse when Elise said Ha and Lily should come to the next one at the end of May when I’m performing again, and oh how I wished I wasn’t doing that now.

The pair of them were finding this so entertaining that I think it made their night, and all the while Elise was just stood there with her arm around my waist like we’d been friends for years. Then I felt her other hand touch my front, but she was just adjusting one of the braces. “You’ve popped out,” she said, “Not that I’m complaining.” I turned many shades of red.

Ha and Lily said they’d leave us to catch up, and suddenly I was talking alone with Elise. But Elise is really nice and we found a quieter corner and talked about all kinds of things. She said she didn’t expect me to be somewhere like this, but then maybe she shouldn’t be surprised by anything I did. I took that as a compliment. And of course she said she loved my outfit, and how I was just so daring and didn’t care what anyone else thought. Little does she know, it seems.

Then suddenly I was dragged to the dance floor, where soon enough I found Ha and Lily as well, and let’s face it: there was no way the breasts/brace configuration was staying together, and even though I kept adjusting them my nipples kept on popping out. But I was starting not to care too much, because I only got a good reaction from anyone who saw me.

After yet another adjustment Elise leaned towards me and said “I’ve got a better idea,” and with one quick movement of each hand she’d put her hand between the braces and my shoulders and pushed them down my arms. Suddenly my breasts were free and, to be honest, the braces rubbing had gotten a bit annoying, and the braces were hanging in loops by my legs.

Ha caught my eye, grinned and then mouthed a kiss in my direction, which Lily saw and earned her a gentle slap.

It didn’t even feel too bad being half-naked, because there were only women there, and to be honest there were more than a few nipples only hidden by some shear material. Elise was wearing a blouse and trousers, but I could tell she didn’t have a bra on either.

We danced a bit more, and then went and found a quiet corner for a drink and the four of us chatted, and all the time I saw people look over at us, and at my breasts, and it felt amazing to get the attention but not have to worry about anything unwelcome happening.

I think it was nearly 1am when we left and I slipped my jacket back on and we parted ways with Elise and took a cab home. As soon as I was back at Ha and Lily’s I slipped out of my jacket and all it took was a tug at the belt buckle round my waist and as soon as I let go the skirt dropped to the floor. It’s the first time I’ve seen Ha and Lily look at me in quite a lustful way and it was a bit strange, so I went to bed soon after while they (again) had sex next door.

I missed park run this morning, of course, so I expect Mel will be onto me. But mainly I’d like to see Elise again.

I’m feeling a bit tired today after last night and it’s felt a bit weird hanging around at Ha and Lily’s in the nude, even if my “own” room. And now they’ve said they’re inviting someone over for dinner tonight! And I’m so bursting to have an orgasm that I’m worried I’ll give in to their latest attempt to set me up.

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