Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 20th April 2020


It was back to Mel’s accounts again this evening, but no encounter with the neighbour this time. But a bigger surprise, as I stood nude in the hallway, was having Jason answer the door to me. He smiled but pretended that letting a naked woman into the apartment was perfectly normal.

Mel was inside and said I’d have to work in the main room since Jason needed her work room this evening. So she carried everything out and put a laptop onto the low coffee table. She had me kneel in front of it and then bound my thighs to my calves near the knee and near the hip, so I couldn’t stand up even if I wanted to, and then tied my wrists together again. It left me half-kneeling half-squatting in front of the laptop and the last few receipts.

It certainly made working slower, and Mel all the time was sat nearby with a notepad reviewing something or other which I can only presume was from another client.

I hadn’t finished by the time Jason re-emerged from Mel’s office and I began to feel even more self-conscious. What did he think of having a naked, bound woman kneeling in the middle of the room? How did Mel explain it to him? I had no idea, but he just came over and sat next to Mel and they chatted about work while I tried to go through the rest of the receipts.

It meant I over-ran the time I was planning to work for, but at least I got it all done. When I told Mel she said she’d untie me and Jason said “Just when I was getting used to having you around,” and I didn’t know how to respond.

It was yet another very strange evening.

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